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Nielsen Digital Voice

Win Cash Rewards Just for Surfing the Web

As a member of Nielsen Digital Voice, you won’t just be contributing to our research on Internet trends; you’ll also be rewarded for your important contributions! Register, download our app, and surf the web, and you’ll automatically earn regular entries into our $10,000 Monthly Sweepstakes – that’s up to $120,000 a year we give away to our members!

Learn More About Our $10,000 Monthly Sweepstakes:

   Each month, over 400 members are winners in our $10,000 Monthly Sweepstakes!

   As an active member, you can win up to $1,000 each month!

   There are multiple ways to earn entries and increase your chances of winning!

The Longer You Stay, the More Chances You Have to Win!

For as long as you have the Nielsen Digital Voice App active and installed, you’ll continue to earn sweepstakes entries. So why not stay awhile and improve your chances of winning? We’d love to have you!

Earn Additional Rewards by Completing Surveys!

As a member of Nielsen Digital Voice, you may occasionally be invited to take special surveys. For your participation, you’ll earn bonus entries into our Sweepstakes or cash rewards!

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Pro Opinion

In this site you are required to fill surveys conducted by certain companies for evaluating thier products and services.

You earn points whuch cab be paid through Paypal or Amazon Gift Cards.

The payout period is short . Most of the time the points first survey will count 1/3 of points required to get paid.

Be prepaired to answer quantity of questions during sign up , becuase they want to make sure that every subscriber is suitable for certain kind of surveys. But signing up to this site is well worth it.

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Harris Poll Online

This company provides surveys influences not only market companies , but also some leaders , decisions makers , governmental institutes and organiations.

They don't pay cash but have a lot of other kinds of rewards that will save you money also , these inlcudes

Green checkbox 5f0b2b7a6efc6dda5d1ce0825827aff0a8639889d4a033764d83359e8db1afcdAmazon gift cards
Green checkbox 5f0b2b7a6efc6dda5d1ce0825827aff0a8639889d4a033764d83359e8db1afcdMerchandise
Green checkbox 5f0b2b7a6efc6dda5d1ce0825827aff0a8639889d4a033764d83359e8db1afcdWal-mart gift cards
Green checkbox 5f0b2b7a6efc6dda5d1ce0825827aff0a8639889d4a033764d83359e8db1afcdDonations to charity
Green checkbox 5f0b2b7a6efc6dda5d1ce0825827aff0a8639889d4a033764d83359e8db1afcdHome Depot gift cards
Green checkbox 5f0b2b7a6efc6dda5d1ce0825827aff0a8639889d4a033764d83359e8db1afcdiTunes gift cards
Green checkbox 5f0b2b7a6efc6dda5d1ce0825827aff0a8639889d4a033764d83359e8db1afcdRestaurant gift cards
Green checkbox 5f0b2b7a6efc6dda5d1ce0825827aff0a8639889d4a033764d83359e8db1afcdStarbucks gift cards

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This company offer a large panel of surveys form differnet catogery . You can choose to take as many or as few surveys as you want.

Make sure you take your time to fill you informations as in full details as possible , because the number and type surveys depends on this iformation as they aim to match surveys to these informations

They give rewards in cash paid through Paypal.

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Toluna USA - Surveys & Polls

This is not just survey site . Although it provide a large numbers of surveys offered by research department in large company to omprove thier products and services. The site also have a community in whic you can share your opinions. It also have a great feature that allows you take other people opinions about anything through polls thumps it and battles.

This company gives you points which can be redeemed for sweepstakes tickets for great new gadgets or getaways, vouchers for a large selection of stores including Amazon, or even cold hard cash through Paypal. They have a monthly $4500 drawing for survey takers,

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This company offers surveys, diaries or in-home product testing

After accumulating a certain amount of points, members are able to redeem them for items within the Rewards Catalog. This includes a diverse range of products, e-certificates, gift cards and vouchers. Some of the more popular rewards are PayPal and Amazon e-certificates as well as electronic, home and personal care items

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